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ROCK Theory Apparatus



During the ROCKTheory Joe program, you will learn beginner, intermediate and advanced level classical, pilates exercises. On this path, you will explore the exercises, classical order, along with the ROCKTheory’s Blueprint for an easy, joyful, and effective communication system. In addition, you will begin your journey in the ROCKTheory Life program. Practical application and games will help support you in this process.


  • ROCKTheory Leadership
  • ROCKTheory Clara I, II
  • ROCKTheory Life (this program can be completed anytime before the final test-out)
  • 25 hours of classical lessons (private, duet, semi-private)

Seminars (4 in total)

  • Joe I Beginner System
  • Joe II & III Intermediate System
  • Joe IV Advanced System

 Seminar Hours (60 hours total for the Joe weekends)

  • Friday 5-8pm
  • Saturday 12-6pm
  • Sunday 12-6pm

Apprentice Hours (600 total)

  • Weekend Seminars – 120 hours
  • In-Studio Observation – 300 hours
  • Self Practice – 150 hours (community taught classes included)
    • Teach – Teach at least one community class per week
  • *Weekly Workout – 30 hours – Take at least one (1) private, duet or semi-private session each week
  • Exams – Complete all written exams (online) and practical assessments (in-person)

Upon Completion

Once Leadership, Clara I, II, Life, Joe weekends, apprentice hours are completed and passed all exams, you will receive an Assessment-Based Certificate. You will now be ready to take the PMA Certification exam.

*Weekly classes/sessions are not included in the program fee. Please inquire at ROCKPilates about student session packages.

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

~ Joseph Pilates

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