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Leadership is the engine that drives ROCKTheory programs. Everyone is welcome and invited to take this seminar; it was created for anyone looking to improve leadership skills regardless of profession. This seminar will provide you with ROCKTheory’s Blueprint; for an easy, joyful and effective communication system. With the goal being the joy of the journey, not the arrival. You will explore the six human needs, coupled with practical application and games to learn how to support yourself and others in the process.


Positive energy, a passion for life

  • Sara, Book 1 – Sara Learns the Secret about the Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks
  • If Not Now, When by Ellen Nalaboff

Seminar Hours

  • Friday 5-8pm
  • Saturday 12-5pm
  • Sunday  12-5pm

Upon Completion

Receive a certificate of completion

“My work is 50 years ahead of its time.” ~ Joseph Pilates
Create your own Path and ROCKit!

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